Design your own party bags

Here you can "Design Your Own" party bag. This gives you the opportunity to completely customise your party bags from the bag or pail itself to the entire contents. You can even put a personalised sticker or embellishment on it at the end! 

There is no minimum buy quantity for party bags; you can get 1 or 1001 or anything in between.

Once you have chosen your Theme, "Base Party Bag" or "Design Your Own" Loot Bag , Tableware and Decorations, you should check out the games section!

We also have a range of toys and favour items that make great prizes smiley

Each bag price starts at $0.00. Please ensure you put "1" beside each of the items you want to appear in you premade party bags. The price will then re-calculate (per bag). At the Checkout confirm the number of bags you would like in total.

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